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Four Ways to Reset Windows Vista Password

Many Vista users like to create a password, but few users know what to do when it comes to a forgotten password. Now we gather four effective methods for you to reset the forgotten Windows Vista password.

Method 1: Windows Password Recovery Tool

Windows Password Buster is a safe and reliable Windows password recovery tool. It enables you to create a bootable CD or USB flash drive to reset forgotten Windows password. This software also supports password restore. You could restore the password to the previous state.

Windows Password Recovery Tool

You can use this software to reset password on Windows 7, Vista, XP, etc.

Step 1: Create a CD or USB flash drive.

Step 2: Boot computer with the CD/USB.

Step 3: Reset or remove the password.

You can also view the detailed steps on Windows Password Buster User Guide.

Method 2: Free Windows Password Reset Disk

Vista allows user to create a password reset disk on Control Panel. When you forget your computer password, you can use the password reset disk to create a new one. You'd better create a password reset disk when you create your password, so you don't lose access to your files and information.

If you enter a wrong password when you attempt to log on, a "reset password" link will appear. At that time, you can click on that link and insert the password reset disk to reset the forgotten password.

Windows Password Reset Disk

You can follow the steps below to create a password reset disk. You need a USB flash drive (or other removable media).

Step 1: Click the Start button, click "Control Panel", click "User Accounts and Family Safety", and then click "User Accounts".

Step 2: In the left pane, click "Create a password reset disk", and then follow the instructions to create one. Make sure you store the password reset disk in a safe place.

Method 3: Reset Vista Password in Safe Mode

Safe Mode might be the first thing that will come into your mind whenever you run into computer problems. You can reset forgotten password in safe mode, provided that you can access your computer in safe mode through accessible account.

Windows Vista Password Reset

Step 1: Press the "F8" key as the computer is booting to get into the Advanced Boot Options.

Step 2: Log on to safe mode with the admin account that you will use to reset the password.

Step 3: Click the Start button, type "lusrmgr.msc" in the Search box, and then press ENTER.

Step 4: Double-click "Local Users and Groups", and then click "Users".

Step 5: Right-click the account you want to reset its password, and then click "Set Password".

Method 4: Windows Vista System Repair Disk

Mention system repair disk, and most people think of repairing computer, but few people notice that the disk can be used to recover the forgotten password. Actually, you can recover the password with system repair disk by using command prompt.

Windows Vista System Repair Disk

Create a system repair disk on an accessible computer which uses Windows Vista, Then boot your locked computer with the disk and reset the password. You can follow this detailed tutorial.

The methods are not limited to these options. If you forget your password, just choose the one that suits you and your case best to reset the password. From now on, there is no need to worry when it comes to a forgotten Windows Vista password.

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