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How to Recover Windows Vista Password?

The question about how to recover a Windows Vista password is often seen on various forums and Q&A websites. Actually, the answer to this question can be very simple. In this article we will show you how to regain access to computer when you forget your Windows Vista password.

There are many fast and easy ways to recover the password. Using a password reset disk is an easy and efficient solution. But this method is available only when you had created a reset disk before you forgot the password. Majority of users forget to create such a helpful disk in reality. Now we introduce another method to you - create a bootable CD/USB flash drive with Windows Password Buster. Here's the tutorial:

1. Download and install Windows Password Buster Professional.

2. Insert a blank CD or USB flash drive, and then run the program.

3. Select "CD/DVD" or "USB Disks", and then click the "Next" button.

click Next to start

4. The burning will last about one minute. You can click "More" to view the details.

view more details

5. When the burning completes, click "OK", and then click "Exit" to shut down the program.

shut down the program

6. Insert the disk into the locked computer, and then boot the computer with the CD/USB.

7. The password reset program will initialize automatically. This process will last minutes.

forgot Windows Vista password

8. When you see the program screen, select the locked account, and then click "Change password".

select account

9. Now you have 2 options, you can remove the password or create a new password.

remove Windows Vista password

10. If you decide to remove the password, select "Remove the password", and then click "OK".

11. If you decide to create a new password, select "New password", type the new password, and then click "OK".

12. After that, click "Reboot" to reboot the computer, and then log on to computer with the new password.

logon system with new password

This program will back up the password storage file when you reset the password. You can click the "Restore Password" button to restore the password to a previous state.

Although this program can help you recover Windows Vista password. It's better to write down the password on paper and keep it in a safe place, or create a password reset disk when you create the password.

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