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How to Reset Windows 7 Password?

It's an annoying problem if you forget your Windows 7 password. You can reinstall the Windows operating system to unlock the computer, but the process will damage the data in the hard dirve. If you have important data in the hard drive, it might be a disaster for you. In this condition, you need to use Windows Password Buster to reset the forgotten password.

Step 1. Create a password reset disk

Download and install the program on any accessible computer. Run the program and create a password reset disk.

1. Insert a blank CD or USB flash drive into the computer and select your option.

make a password reset disk

2. Click "Next" to start the burning. The process may last a few seconds.

make a password reset disk

3. When the burning task completes, shut down the program and remove the CD or USB flash drive.

Step 2. Boot locked computer with the disk

Before you can reset the Windows 7 password, you need to boot the locked computer with the password reset disk.

How to Boot Computer from CD or USB Flash Drive?

Step 3. Reset Windows 7 password

You'll see the password reset screen after the computer boots with the disk. Then you can start to reset password.

1. Select the target user account, and then click "Change password".

reset Windows 7 password

2. Select the option to remove or change the password, and then click "OK".

reset Windows 7 password

Step 4. Log on with the new password

Click "Reboot" to reboot the computer, and then log on with the new password you just created.

reset Windows 7 password

It is terrible when forgetting Windows 7 password, but you don't need to worry about that from now on. This program can help you reset Windows 7 password within 5 minutes. BTW, you can also reset passwords in Windows 8, Vista, XP, etc.

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